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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 18, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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ground police radio dispatches) how... long had you suspected? only a few days. we couldn't take the risk of him finding out. please, no explanations. i've got to first deal with peter bonham, but i will get back to you, detective. he'll get over it, just like peter bonham. captioning sponsored by universal studios domestic television captioned by media access group at wgbh (wolf susz.
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>> we wanted to end the nightmare. >> that nightmare local official using tax money campaign contribution to feed a gambling addiction. tonight the one thing that kept him out of prison. >> also tonight at 9:00. management make over. new direction for oakland pd brass. >> airport quandary. san jose international good service new terminal and easy to get to. why isn't it more popular and why losing flights. why losing flights. >> new study
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>> that breaking news centers on this car accident in east san jose. we understand it is involved in an officer involved shooting. now this is video from sky 7 hd short time ago. police are out on mass in this area. we are told that 3 undercover police cars surrounded a vehicle. witnesses tell that you say one person in that car was shot and officer hurt although not seriously. now this happened a little more than 2 hours ago in the alan rock neighborhood close to the intersection of jeralyn drive and em rick avenue. trade the general area on the map. bring you any new information as soon as it develops. good evening. now to long time south bay politician pleading guilty today to dozen charges of misusing taxpayer money to fuel a gambling addiction. george junior is a tomorrower supervisor former school board member and former san jose city councilman. story from vick lee. >> the disgraced former supervisor made no statements
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in court. he never showed any emotion. he appeared with just his lawyer. no entourage. >> charge whether is your plea. >> he stood before judge philip as he read the list of charges against him. he pleaded guilty to each of the 5 felonies. 4 counts of perjury and one count of misappropriating public funds. he also pleaded guilty to 7 misdemeanor for failing to file accurate campaign reports. 51-year-old former county supervisor is accused of using taxpayer money and campaign donations as personal piggy bank. prosecutors say he used the county credit card to pay for gambling expenses to vegas. among other financial abuses golf vacations. 100 dollar stake. hotel suite. first class up grids on flights. as part of the plea deal he reseen from the board of supervisors where he was once president. he could have received 8 years in state prison for all his crimes but prosecutors only
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asking for a year in county jail. he owes the state 50,000 dollars. also agreed to reimburse the county about 1 14,000 dollars. he's already paid back 7000. he left the courthouse without saying anything. >> go the way you thought george? >>reporter: prosecutor karen tower explained why she only asked for a year in jail rather than a long prison sentence. >> we knew he was going to step down right away and we wanted to end the nightmare so we agreed we would ask for one year in county jail. >>reporter: he agreed plea deal never to run for office again. >> so let's all hope for a much cleaner government and the best for santa clara county. very sad day when a supervisor comes in and pleads guilty to 12 crimes. >>reporter: one surprise in court today. his lawyer handed prosecutors a tax form which showed that his client had won 400,000 dollars gambling in vegas. attica seen. now
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prosecutors say they will check it out. they were surprised. they don't know this is one big jackpot or what he did with the money. judge says he will set a sentencing date later this month. this is 7 news. >> more public officials in trouble. former head of california largest pension fund faces federal charges tonight in a bribery case. federal grand jury today indicted fred ross former ceo of the calf public employee retirement system. federal prosecutors say that he fabricated financial documents to fraudulently charm an investment firm 20 million dollars in fees for investing the money. when ross was the ceo from 2002 until june of 2008. in an effort to get a handle on a violent crime problem that is reaching crisis levels oakland police chief has new strategy tonight. laura explains what the chief is doing. >> as many know we tried this
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years ago. >>reporter: chief howard jordan admits strategy that has been tried before in his city. but says this time oakland plans to get neighborhood policing right. >> right people in the right place in order to impact crime. build better relationship with the community and show that we are transparent. >>reporter: oakland police area in this case district 4 reduced in size in a single captain put in charge of the of the offices already assigned to the area. also a citizen advisory committee in each district. 2 districts 4 and 5 made out of a larger area that used to run from fruitvale to the san leandro border. >> made this area smaller and more manageable by dividing this area and assigning 2 high ranking police captains to oversee these 2 areas. >>reporter: oakland police officer association had little to say about the reorganization except to wonder how much real change it brings while the department remains seriously under staffed with 6 11
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officers. chief jordan says district 4 in fruitvale is the beta test to try if you will before the program is rolled out to the rest of the city. this is abc 7 news. >> jap that's consulate stationed in san francisco will spend a year in jail for domestic violence. he plead in order contest to a pair of felony in a plea deal original faced up to 20 years in prison for more than a dozen charges. his wife accused him of sta stabbing her in the what happened a screw driver hitting her on the head with lap top slapping her in the face bruising her arm and thigh and throwing her from a car. guy jail time will start in may. >> new report explains why social shut down a school on friday. serious violations against universal preschool formerly known as sunny side infant preschool reported violations include the inappropriate swaddling of infants in cribs to confine them. using car seat instead of high chair and having too
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many children for the number of staff working. more police help to close facility and interview parents to determine whether any crimes were committed. 2 employee also been ban from working at state license child care facilities. though they can appeal. >> san jose international airport suffering from classic case of sagging supply and demand. number of flights operating there has dropped 5 years in a row putting a dent in passenger traffic while san francisco and oakland airport each saw increases during the same time period. 7 news business and technology reporter david louie take as closer look what's going on. >> 1.3 billion dollars wept that building new terminal and modernizing the facility gets high mark for appearance and convenience. >> clean nice and fast. i live in san francisco and you can get back and forth in a cab. 80 minutes. sometimes if you fly into oakland you get stuck in traffic and not any faster.
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>>reporter: you can tell from a few shutter restaurants and concession stands that the expanded airport isn't operating anywhere close to capacity. just over 8 million passengers flew in and out of san jose last year but can handle 14 million. new common use airport lounge called the club at sjc an example of the up scale facility built to draw more passengers. the good news is that virgin america is coming to san jose in may. all nip upon airway will resume tokyo flights once it gets the okay to fly the dream liner. >> we also have tremendous capacity both here in our facilities as well as on our airfield and we are well positioned for the future and we are seeing that airlines are recognizing that we are a good fit for the customers that they serve here in the south bay. >>reporter: solution might be to get the airline to think of the 3 bay area airport. maybe even put them under one centra centralize management. that's when a leading business group would like to see to address san jose lack of growth. >> what we need to do is distribute all the carrier especially help major carrier
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understand that there's business in san jose. silicon valley after all. right now we have this phenomenon of business customers bypassing own airport and going all the way to san francisco. >>reporter: san jose airport clearly has its faichbilitys i like the airport here. i think it's very efficient and i'm happy. >> despite the disappointing numbers and passengers and flights this airport is going ahead with 82 million dollar aviation terminal because of this prediction growth in private jets operated by silicon valley companies. it will go before the city council for final approval early next next month. this is abc 7 new news. >> federal judge says that inmates held isolation for more than a decade california pelican bay state prison can proceed with a lawsuit claiming that the prolonged isolation is crucial unusual punishment. inmate held in windowless cell
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8 by 10 for all but 90 minutes a day. >> judge sentenced computer hacker to the maximum prison term for illegally accessesing at&t server and stealing more than 100,000 e-mail addresses of i-pad users. andrew was sentenced in federal court in new jersey to three years and 5 months in prison. he gave the data to the web site gawker. he told the judge quote the i hope net is bigger than any law can kaichbility many, many governments that have attempted to restrict the freedom of the internet have been toppled. judge would have none of it respond thanksgiving way quote he says that's the reason we are here is because we don't like his idea. the reason that we are here is that he wrote a code and engaged in a clear trespass. >> his lawyer says he will appeal the decision. >> medical study released tonight has new guidelines for women in mammogram come on the heal of research few years ago suggest that go screening every two years instead of every year
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in most cases is appropriate. carolyn tyler has the story. >>reporter: for years women have been told once they hit 50 get an annual mammogram. then in 2009 federal task force created a huge controversy advising every other area for average women. today study concurs but goes even further in its examination of women ages 50 to 74. dr. carla of uc san francisco was one of the lead researchers. >> our goal was to say are there women that are higher risk that might benefit from screening every year? and at least at the 2 risk factor we looked at high breast sense ty which is a previous haven't strong risk factor and hormone therapy it didn't, even those women can be screened every two years. >>reporter: dr. carla research began in 1994 at mammogram facility nationwide. she says the data is clear. there is no added benefit with annual
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screenings for women 50 to 74. but almost doubled the down side. >> there is definitely more harm more false positive mammogram and biopsy. >> every single year. >>reporter: cheyenne over the age of 50 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. first in one breast then the other. she believes recommending mammogram every other year may keep women from being as aware as they need to be. >> yes, i did find it on my ow own. however if i had not had access to the frequency as we have had in terms of screening, i don't know that i could be here sharing with you today. >>reporter: the study today makes one exception for annual mammogram. small group of 40 to 49-year-old with extremely dense breasts. >> 40 to 49-year-old is an interesting group because tumor tend to grow more quickly. and if they have high density you can't see the tumor as well.
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>>reporter: doctor says if those women wait the tumor likely to be larger and more advanced. remember ladies, it's your pwochltd you should check with your doctor about these guidelines. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. very important advice. all right. well as we continue here. rain is on the way. sandhya is here with that. >> yes. time to pull out umbrella. when you will put them to good use coming up. >> thanks. also ahead here tonight. rider reaction to letting bikes on board bart during peak commute time. how is that experiment going this week. >> plus what santa clara is willing to give to us bring super bowl to the new stadium. remembering the sweet sounds of the spinners. stay with us. 7 mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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>> bart began week long experiment if on the train you may have noticed. it's testing whether bicyclist and other passengers can share the train and during peek commute hours. amy has more on that. >> bike are allowed on bart trains at any hour this week. that doesn't necessarily mean they are welcome. >> they are constantly in the way. take up 2 to 3 chair. move around 5, definitely not
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good idea. to have them. because it's really crowded. >>reporter: bart officials have recon figure the train to try to create more space for bike riders. going to try out the new space this week during a test run. even during the busy commute hours bike will be allowed on board all this week. >> there's some that we remove seats. also took out the windshield in many of our cars. so you could see now when you ride a bart train that the area near the car door are much more room year. >>reporter: bike riders are thrilled to be able to board whenever they want. john coal usually can't go straight home after work because his bike isn't allowed on board at that time. >> makes me wait another 20 minutes. about kind of hard. >>reporter: bart tried allowing bike on friday last august and resulted in a dead tie. >> we had 37 percent opposed to change the rules. and 37 percent for changing the rules. so that's why bart needs the
9:20 pm
second test. >>reporter: officials highly recommend that riders participate in the survey after this test week. saying the bart board will pay close attention to rider feedback. >> i think they really want to see how this test week goes but we do have many board members that are passionate about bike just as our cyclist are. >>reporter: input really could help break a tie in this situation so bart has an on line survey to parts in or phone number to call. all that information is on our web site. survey available until april third. this is abc 7 fuss. >> launched then months ago but officials are already trying to figure out how to keep the ferry service between oakland south san francisco from sinking at the end ofless month ferry averaging fewer than 20 passengers per trip. the line earned just 145,000 dollars in seven months but cost more than two million dollars a year to operate. obviously that's not a working formula. ferry operator want to spend 230,000
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dollars to add more trips in the hope of luring leisure travelers not just commuters. city of santa clara plans to meet the nfl steep financial demands in the hope of luring the superbowl to the bay area. to edge miami out for the 216 superbowl. santa clara has agreed to give up millions in revenue including waving 10% surcharge for ticket that total more than 6 million dollars and 36 crept surcharge which would fund local programs. the city also agreed to get rid of a 9.5 percent hotel tax for the teams and league officials in town. city expects to make the money back. nfl will pick the 2016 superbowl host on may 22nd. so we have to see if we get a superbowl here again at the new stadium. >> all right spencer is off. sandhya is here and watching life copler 7 hd very closely because there's activity on this.
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>> in the form of moisture in the cloud. moisture reaching the ground so we will need the umbrella in not too disat that particular time future at early at tomorrow night. show what you dan is referring to on the live doppler 7hd all the green showing up. looking at the observation nothing is reaching the ground yet. it's evaporat evaporating air mass still too dry. we have radar down towards the santa cruz mountains and the 2 will track the storm as it gets closer to the bay area. right now from high definition camera sutro tower see hey clouds along the coast line. temperatures look like this. 51 in san francisc francisco. 56, 57 in san jose excuse me. as we look from the high definition roof cam are out to the bay area we have some mid high level clouds overhead. not the low clouds bit is going to be cloudy tonight. temperatures right now 56 in napa. 52 degrees in hayward. here's look at what is coming. we have the clouds on different levels so we call it cloudy overnight. rain
9:23 pm
tuesday night through wednesda wednesday. and by the way, spring arrives wednesday at 4:02 in the morning. here's pacific satellite picture. this is the storm that will eventually produce rain here in the bay area. but ahead of the storm we see the high clouds and that's why today you have probably noticed there was quite a bit of cloud cover not so much in the way of sun but it's going to change even more as we head into tomorrow night. here's lack at the computer animation. clouds at 11:00 p.m. tonight. clouds will break up just a little bit at 5:00 a.m. and then more cloud cover just moves in quickly. rain arrives for the start of the rush hour tomorrow night. you will see it here across the heart of the bay area. we'll be seeing some wet weather through the night into the wednesday morning. wed monk the start of the morning commute does not look good at this point. cold front will continue to come through. at noon time it's right across the heart of the bay area and then it will weekend down pretty quickly after the noon time hour on wednesday. 11:00 p.m. wednesday night this is what we
9:24 pm
look at in terms of rainfall total. quarter tore about half inch central bay up to inch in the north bay mountains and as you get down to the south bay it drops off considerably. 500 to 1500 but that's actually a little bit higher than what we were projecting earlier tonight. rainfall deficit it has been really dry. so far the national weather service is reporting the driest second dr driest start on record for the year for san francisco and san jose. look how far behind we far for the season over 5 and a half inches is what we need in san francisco. to get us about a being to average. oakland 5 and a half inches. san jose close to 4 inches and we need more than 6 inches of rain in santa rosa to get to us where we should be for this time of year. much-needed moisture heading to the bay area. temperatures first thing in the morning in the 40's and you will see cloud cover around tomorrow afternoon. looking at temperatures ranging from the 60's to the 70's for most areas but half machine bay 59 degree degrees. see some sunny break
9:25 pm
in the south bay but not so much up to the north. clear lake rain first. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast and features rain. for the first day of spring. which is wednesday. windy thursday. certainly see the sun though and temperatures will slowly come up as we head into your weekend. looking nice for the weekend in case you are already looking, always looking right dan. >> monday is over. >> exactly we are already looking ahead. >> steaming toward the weekend already. >> thanks very much. >> 4 days to go still to come. world tiniest medical micro scope. bay area cancer patient who is already benefiting from it. >> i'm confident the tumor is again and basically cured. >> plus the science behind nature very own alarm
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ask. >> this is 7 news. >> we of think of the urged interest need for food at bay area food bank around the holiday. but urgent need for help from the alameda county have had bank tonight. they will be completely out of donations bit end of this week. many of the shelves empty at the berkeley food pantry that relies heavily on the county food bank for did nation. demand for food expected to rise during the next week when kids home from spring break. fewer donation and huge fundraising short fall left the food bank 3000 donation barrel empty and asking the public to step in. we are in a season where people kind of forget that hunger is still an issue. it's actually growing issue. we see more and more people each month. our lines will go on forever it seems. with the people needs.
9:30 pm
>> we have lechbing on how you can donate on the web site. just click on see it on tv. here's an organization that is making a difference in this regard. local food bank welcome donation today. the egg ranch san jose dropped off more than 32,000 egg at the food bank in san francisco. donated as part of a campaign by the united egg producer and feeding america to provide local food bank with fresh egg for easter march 31. egg are a prized item by have had bank because of the high protein content. 32,000 eggs have generous. >> from egg to has sister like this scientist say they figured out why they crow. fichlt until now it has been unclear whether roosters crow in response to the dawn light or result of their own internal body clock but researchers in japan say they didn't need light cue to know when to start crowing. turns out they do
9:31 pm
indeed have their own biological clock. >> it works. every time apparently. >> still to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00. death defying stunt caught on video. 2 men time out the exact moment zip through 2 sky scrapers. >> hillary clinton big announcement what it might mean for all politician. hear what she said. >> plus fighting cancer look at the high tech device local doctor now using to help make sure the cells are gone for sure the cells are gone for good. stay with us. another
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>> disaster avoided today in florida. student had explosives and guns in his room
9:35 pm
at the university of central florida and police say he was on the on the verge of deadly attack but was stopped at the last minute by his roommate. the story tonight from pierre thomas. >> this morning hundreds of students at the university of central florida evacuated as word broke of a gun man on campus. >> cops had guns. told everyone to run. >> we knew something was wrong because we thought policeman with rainfall an everything. >> turns out the student may have narrowly escaped a massacre. >> it could have been a very bad day. >> police believe the james oliver steve cure man was planning to kill fellow students today and may have pulled a fire alarm to force them into the open. setting them up for slaughter. but the suspect roommate saw him with a gun. was able to dial 911 to warn police. police responded within minutes. >> they found the subject dead from single gunshot wound to the head. >> evidence left behind was chilling. >> we found some notes and some writings that indicated that
9:36 pm
this was a planned attack. >> police discovered a.22 caliber assault rifle and.45 caliber pistol. sources tell us there were hundreds of rounds of ammunition. high capacity magazine including a drum magazine similar to the type used this the colorado theater mass shooting last summer. police discovered 4 ie dmchl a backpack lined with shrapnel who knows what kind of damage they could have done. this is news from washington. >> thank goodness it did not. >> it's tuesday in asia and the stock market there is already down on the news of unprecedented bailout proposed for cypress b.6:30 in the morning in cypress and anger their business to reignite. [ yelling]. >> few hours the parliament will take up a vote on bailout deal. seize 10% of all bank deposits to finances bailout. >> gross violation of the
9:37 pm
property rights of every and this is something that will happen for over other european country. >> that's the big concern that this could once again undermine the euro. protestors make clear the disapproval of this pl atm over the weekend. they are holding up their hands with the word no on it. to prevent further run the government shut down the bank until later this week and lawmakers figure out how to keep the country solvent. cypress invested heavily in greek debt and reaction on wall street 0by the way was negativ negative. drop in both the dow and the nasdaq on this news. we have to see what the market do when they open in the morning. >> rebel war lord turned himself in at the u.s. embassy row and a. he's a general indicted for war crimes that include using child soldiers murder rape and slavery. he's asking embassy officials to send him to the haig to stand trial something the united
9:38 pm
states is working on. he was apparently targeted after an ally of his was recently arrested. politic back home. significant shift in republican strategy to talk about tonight. change forced by theless of the presidential election in november and as a result republican leaders are hoping to broaden the party appeal going forward. fv mark matthews has the story. >> of 97 page report details the party failure in the 2012 presidential election. >> when republicans lost in november it was a wake up call. >> report says voters see republicans as out of touch and dominated by stuffy old men. sought republicans should endorse immigration reform and advice the party to be more open to gays even though the report did not dress the he shall of same sex marriage. >> 5 years ago it would be unheard of to have the party directly addressing the need to bring gay lesbian americans
9:39 pm
into the big 10 tent of the republican party. >>reporter: portman now supports gay marriage. the president switched his position last year. today hillary clinton announced her endorsement of same sex marriage. >> i support marriage for lesbian and gay couplings. >>reporter: new poll by abc news and "washington post"shows opposition to sameñi sex marriae has did he cleaned over the past 10 years while support has increased by about the same amount. now stands at 58 percent compared to just 36 percent opposed. >> there is no did you tell that public attitude are changing towards gays and relationships. >>reporter: newly elected vice chair of republican party says the party is changing. >> we have gay people on the board of directors. and in committed gay relationship so i think people are actually very accepting of that. the label of marriage continues to be controversial among some parts of the party. >>reporter: dillon says the opposition among some party members will take time to change. in the castro voters
9:40 pm
hopeful the candidate will see which way it's going. >> want elected somehow. if it gets them elected i'm sorry but sounds kind of negative. i think it's true. >>reporter: generally rue that politicians follow public opinion but on this issue it was san francisco mayor newsom that was out in front. if you remember back with 2004 his support of same sex marriage made him radioactive to john kerry company for the white house. now the democratic contenders for 2016 are lining up behind newsom at least on this issue. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> stay here with us. when we come back. update on the well, well, well.
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>> let's update breaking news we started with on 7 news at 9:00. officer involved shooting in san jose turned fatal. this is video of the scene. undercover san jose officers spot add stolen car. short chase. at some point the car they were chasing reversed and hit 2 of the undercover vehicles. police opened fire. driver died after being shot by police. one officer was hurt in all of this. in the collision but not seriously. we have complete live update for you on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. but that's the latest we have at the moment. >> one suspect killed by police. >> group of bay area doctors fighting cans wert help of the world smallest medical micro scope. remarkable did he advice. it's now being used to give them unprecedented look at what's going on. more now from 7 news health science reporter carolyn johnson. >> mike already know east he's a lucky man. checkup for painful acid reflux condition turned up more dangerous threa
9:45 pm
threat. cancer. >> pre-cancer cells that were accelerating. losing very fast toward full cancer and i happen to diagnose just in the nick of time. >>reporter: surge on rae move the cancer tissue area and today a team at california pacific medical center in san francisco is going to use the high tech device to make sure those cancer cells are gone inform are good. >> this cancer houses the world tiniest medical microscope. >>reporter: the doctor is going to use the miniature microscope known as cell visible to re-examine in the area and go after any remaining cancer cells. >> therefore we are more confident that we can hopefully remove the area that are risky and haven't left anything behind. >>reporter: camera inserted through an endoscope into the patient esophagus with the help of imaging dye injested in the patient blood the powerful microscope will magnify the view more than 1,000 times allowing the doctor to examine inindividual cells visible on
9:46 pm
the monitor on the right. >> there was one little area here that i wanted to examine ina little bit more in detail. again no evidence of tumor in this region. >>reporter: although he's clear of cancer cells dr. doctor identified tissue damaged by condition called esophagus vulnerable to cancer in the future. cut that risk he had second instrument into the endoscope. >> that allows us to essentially deliver really cold energy. minus 196 degrees. you can see it smoking. can you see that? you can see now this is ready to be introduced. >>reporter: the procedure is known as here over the course of the few minutes he will destroy the damaged tissue layer by freezing it. >> the cell will over time sort of die off and what will be the place in its place a is normal tissue. >>reporter: diagnostic microscope combined with the cavity they are base treatment not only effective but also far
9:47 pm
less invasive than what was available just few years ago. >> maybe 5 years ago or 10 years ago you would have to have surgery he solve fuss removed. i'm confident he's basically cured. >> amazing. carolyn johnson reporting. >> up next. it was a big part of the movie rockie 2 if you recall and happened in this northern california fight. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken.
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>> lead singer of the spinners has died. ♪ turn that flames ♪ love can burn once again but i know you know ♪ whenever you call me, i'll be there ♪ great voice. bobby
9:51 pm
smith sang a bunch of hits including could it be i'm falling in love and games people play. group named after spinning hubcap on a car. bobby smith had lung cancer died over the weekend. he was 76 years old. well 2 dear definite frill norway are internet sensation for hair raising isn't in brazil. they plunge from the sky above rio wearing special wing suits. they time the plate so they thread the needle right between 2 high-rise buildings. look at this. watch it again. check out how fast they are going. no margin for error. believe it or not these guys say the part of the stunt that you think is the most difficult actually isn't. >> flying through the building part is easy. danger is after you clear the building you have a very short time to open your parachute. >> well they did not get permission but so for not charged with any crime. >> live to tell the story. back to update the weather forecast. sandhya is here.
9:52 pm
>> let me show you live doppler 7hd right now and see moisture approaching the coast. air mass pretty dry so far any of the moisture that is getting picked is evaporating before it hits the ground. can't rule out sprinkle. rain araving tomorrow especially by evening but around mostly clear lake see by late afternoon 64 degrees 62 san francisco. 66 in oakland. low 70's still around livermore. san jose. 66 in santa cruz. see a little more sun until later in the day. look at the 7 day forecast and you will need the umbrella between tomorrow night and wednesday and then you can put them away as you look at the rest of the work week into the weekend. it's dry. it's milder. certainly windy on thursday. >> all right change. >> yes thanks very much. >> this is wild. like this. doesn't happen very often but when brandon and aaron hooked up in an mma fight car last week it lasted 14 seconds look what happens. that's when the 2 men connected with rate hook to the jaw at the same moment. they both fell to the canvas.
9:53 pm
knocked each other. bout ruled no contest that means it's as if it did not happen. it happened all right. >> rocky 2 with mr. t same sort of thing happened. >> that happened. maybe that's where they got that. >> pretty funny. >> happens in real boxing in addition to mma extremely rare. >> timing has to be uses perfect. >> or imperfect. depending on one of the guys getting knocked out. >> in sports. warrior fans waiting all season for this. will the real andrew please stand up? stand up? he did tonight. sports next
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9:56 pm
>> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. >> she was serious. people in the audience were screaming. stop it. please. people started walking out. >> san francisco night club pulls the plug on sing. what she said that made people get up and walk out in large numbers. >> what happened outside court today following lindsay lohan
9:57 pm
sentencing why her father was so furious with an attorney. those story and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00. over on channel 7. join us for that. but larry here with all the sports. >> starting with warriors. couple road game and 69 games in the season finally the real andrew has arrived. all the ankle back problems gone. avenues force for the warriors in new orleans. start with defense. how about robin lopez learn to live with rejection like i have. apparently he's a slow learner. robin get it ou out. >> that in common. >> flash of this every once if in awhile from barns hard to the basket. breaking the other way. reward the trailer. 3 30-24. look here. contesting the shot. keeping it alive and 8 points. 9 lee bound. 4 block. curry the hot curry
9:58 pm
spicey. 5 assist behind the back to play tomorrow sochbility and kent known for the defense. curry goes for 30. catch and shoot from way out. 93 to 72. warriors win on the road. round out the 3 game road trip on wednesday and never win when visiting the spurs. james to miami heat in search of 23 straight win in boston tonight. this is over jason like a midget and just got crushed. >> wow! >> that was ridiculous. no kevin garnet. sets up for 43. tied at 103. give it to lebron to win the game. over 3. 37 streak continues second longest in nba history. the time here unusual situation but not complaining in berkeley. cal 12 seed heading into the tournament but play what
9:59 pm
amounts to a home game in the first round. thursday afternoon in san jose. ka court going down hp pavilion. 6 games to be played over two days. on thursday and saturda saturday. cal and unlv they met early in the season december 9 a the and cobb with partially block shot but david didn't box out and game winning basket with less than a second ago. like a little pay back when they meet them again on thursday. >> a lot of screaming and got very excited. playing a team that we played before and probably should have beat at home so everybody was excited. got happy to get the opportunity and make the most of it. >> good times for the cal women as well. ncaa women field announce. 2 seed in the region behind no. 1 stanford. bears will play fresno state in texas this thursday. or saturday i should say. tip off


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